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      Mandy & Josh Boutelle live with their dog Fern & cat Fig in Western Oregon.

      They both started out as professional dog walkers, turned certified, professional dog trainers while living in San Francisco. In 2019, they realized there was a big gap in the R+ community - quality, cool and nerdy t-shirts to wear! After searching online for some t- shirts that helped represent their preference of positive and science-backed training methods, they realized there really wasn’t anything out there...so while out on a walk, they came up with Woof Cultr.

      Mandy is the main face behind Woof Cultr - she handles everything from social media to customer service, emails, events, and making sure orders get moving. When she isn't doing Woof Cultr work, Mandy continues to help R+ businesses tap into their true identity and connect with their audience in a meaningful way as the brand strategist for *digiwoof. Of course, as a true creative professional with ADHD, Mandy also hosts The Leashed Mind Podcast, by using her background as a dog pro and small business owner that didn't prioritize her own mental health within her businesses - she wanted to create another space for certified professionals within the industry to share our wisdom and experiences to help other dog pros feel a bit less trigger-stacked throughout their day. 

      Josh handles our designs and website end of the business! When he isn’t creating designs for WoofCultr, he's running *digiwoof and helping R+ pet pros build their business with less headaches and admin time. When Josh isn't working on finding all the ways to uplift R+ pet pros, you can find him going on gravel bike rides, exploring more of his new state with Mandy and Fern or training with Fig. 

      Our whole mission is to help spread the word of more humane training methods, through our gear, by creating shirts that we would (and do) personally wear; for trainers, dog nerds, and anyone who loves working with their animals in a positive and humane way!

      *Digiwoof is Woof Cultr's sister-business focused on branding, websites, digital marketing, and all-in-one software to help make the admin side of the business less daunting for R+ Dog Trainers, Dog Walkers, and other R+ Pet Care Pros.