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      Mandy CCT, CTBC  and Josh CTBC, CSAT live with their two dogs Pip & Fern in Oregon. They started out as professional dog walkers, turned certified trainers while living in San Francisco and realized there was a big gap in the R+ community - quality, cool and nerdy t-shirts to wear! After searching online for some t- shirts that helped represent their preference of positive and science-based training methods, they realized there really wasn’t anything out while out on a walk, they came up with Woof Cultr!

       Even though Josh has moved on from training, he still has his toes in the industry as a DBU instructor for dog*biz helping R+ dog pros nail their digital marketing ads while also running his digital marketing, web + logo design business Digiwoof. In his spare time you can find him trying out new trails with Mandy & their pups or on his bike doing long distance rides.

      Mandy is the main face behind Woof Cultr - she handles everything from social media to customer service emails and making sure orders get moving.  In her spare time you can find her training with her younger pup Fern, going out on hikes or lounging on the couch working on some of your favorite designs. 

      Our whole mission is to help spread the word of more humane training methods, through our gear, by creating shirts that we would (and do) personally wear; for trainers, dog nerds, and anyone who loves working with their animals in a positive and humane way!