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      Did you know we have a podcast for dog professionals, discussing mental health within the training industry?

      Using her background as a dog pro and small business owner Mandy wanted to create a space where she and certified professionals within the industry can come to share their wisdom and experiences to help you feel a bit less trigger-stacked throughout your day. From navigating hard conversations with clients and setting boundaries with work to remembering to meet your own needs so that you’re not a burnt out, overstimulated mess at the end of each day.

      So join Mandy as she and her guests as they dive into topics such as boundaries with clients & work, social media trolls, burnout, delegating tasks and so much more! We'll discuss tips and advice from real situations most of us have (or will) encounter as certified professionals in the training industry.

      Click the following link to learn more and listen to episodes - The Leashed Mind Podcast

      or check out our YouTube